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Chocolate and Blood Orange cake on a wooden board with flowers in the background
A flatlay image of waffles with berries and icing sugar on 3 plates
Macro shot of a single raspberry shot on a black background
5 chocolate truffles sitting on a bed of cocoa powder in a row captured by Anusha Stewart, a food photographer from Surrey UK
Beautiful butter cake on a plate with soe tea being poured in the background - dark and moody. Photographed by Anusha Stewart
an overhead image of two pieces of sourdough toast with some ricotta cheese, parma ham and sliced fis, topped with a drizzle of honey by Anusha Stewart Media
A beautiful chocolate cake, adorned with redcurrants captured as a dark and moody scene by Anusha Stewart a food photographer based in Surrey UK
Sweet tarts with a custard and strawberry filling with the light reflecting off their tops by Anusha Stewart Media
A whole side of smoked salmon set on a platter and garnished with slices of lemon, black pepper and fronds of dill. Served with freshly sliced sourdough and photographed by Anusha Stewart
Plate of black spaghetti with a basil leaf and a small jug of olive oil being drizzled over the top
Plate of black spaghetti with some trout cavia in the middle and more being added with a small spoon
Crab sandwich on a wooden board with a yello background and a hand squashing the sandwich down
3 tacos on a wooden board with tomatoes, chillis, lime and lettuce. A lime is being squeezed over the top of one taco
Beautiful food photograph image of a bowl of salad with burrata, pink lettuce, roasted beets and watermelon radish
Gorgeous image of a bowl of grains, quinoa and roasted vegetables with figs by Anusha Stewart a food photographer in surrey UK
Beetroot Cured Smoked salmon on a white chopping board
AN wonderful capture of a chocolate truffle cut in half to show the oozing centre taken by Anusha Stewart Media
A food photography image of a bundt cake with a glorious pink icing being drizzle over the top captured by Anusha Stewart
A dark and moody image of a black plate with thinly sliced tomatoes and edible colourful flowers  in a dark and moody scene by Anusha Stewart Media
A dark and moody food photograph of some udon noodles with a pesto sauce, by Anusha Stewart
An overhead image of 4 plates of food including a caesar salad, tuna nicoise salad, sourdough and a greek salad by Anusha Stewart Media
A close up food photography image of a tuna nicoise salad taken by Anusha Stewart
A gorgeous chocolate cake with textured chocolate buttercream frosting and a slice about to be served by Anusha Stewart
Anusha Stewart has captured some vegan chocolate and cherry cupcakes with an icing that has wonderful specular highlights
A mini chocolate cupcake with some small pieces of salted caramel on top, photographed on a reflected black surface by Anusha Stewart
Beautiful breakfast smoothie bowl with yoghurt, matcha powder, strawberries, grapes and nuts
A blue smoothie bowl with walnuts and pumpkin seeds plus blueberries and blackberries taken by Anusha Stewart Media
Chinese New Year Feast - Table Spread including whole fish, soft shell crab and noodles
A cheese board with goats cheese, crackers and grapes. Honey is drizzled onto the cheese. By Anusha Stewart photographer
A goats cheese salad with peaches, pomegranate and walnuts, captureed by Surrey food photographer Anusha Stewart,
9 Bloody Mary vodka shots with prawns on top
Nut free pesto pasta with a grated tomato salsa, captured by Anusha Stewart, a food photographer in Surrey uk
An overhead food photograph of gnocchi in tomato sauce by Anusha Stewart Media
A food photograph of a pub meal of burger and chips with a pint of lager in the background waiting to be devoured, by Anusha Stewart Media
Anusha Stewart Media's image of a tomato and burrata salad being drizzled with some olive oil is wonderful
Valentine meal at the table with lobster thermidor, asparagus and pink champagne
A hamper of wine, cheese and biscuits
Gin and wine hamper with honey and nuts
A box of chocolates in red, green and gold foil wrappers  on a table with Christmas sparkly lights looking very festive
Three slices of Christma cake on small plated taken by Anusha Stewart
A Christmas food photograph of some mince pies with a dusting of icing powder by Anusha Stewart
Some Christmas pudding cookies on a wood serving plate with cinnamon and orange slices and Christmas fairy lights by Anusha Stewart
A succulent salmon steak surrounded by mushroom duxelle and wrapped in flaky pastry captured with bokeh lights by Surrey Food Photographer Anusha Stewart
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